25 Things Happened in Stranger Things Season 3

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Here's a synopsis of stranger things season 3, the main reveal. If you haven't seen the new series, go back now.
  • 1. "game of thrones" season 2 returns in a year's time.
  • 2. 11 and mike are a mature couple, as are Lucas and Max.
  • 3. Dustin has been away from camp for a month, where he has a girlfriend named SUSIE. She was a Mormon, and her parents wouldn't let them talk to each other, so they communicated by radio.
  • 4. The Starcourt Mall has been built in Hawkins and is closing downtown mom-and-pop stores.
  • 5. Steve works at the mall in Scoops Ahoy with his former classmate robin. He didn't go to college, and his popularity in high school disappeared.
  • 6. Nancy and Jonathan interned at the Hawkins gazette. Jonathan was a respected photographer, while Nancy was despised by the men and asked to buy coffee and sandwiches.
  • 7. Will is the only one who doesn't have a girlfriend. He's the third wheel.
  • 8. Billy worked as a lifeguard at the community pool and flirted with married women, especially mike and Nancy's mother, Mrs. Wheeler.
    • 9. On his way to his date with Mrs. Wheeler, Billy crashes his car and is possessed by the spirit skinner. After seeing her husband and daughter sleeping on the sofa, Mrs. Wheeler changed her mind about seeing Billy at the last minute.
    • 10. After a major power failure, Joyce noticed that the magnets used for her home and work had somehow demagnetized. She began to investigate the cause.
    • 11. Hopper has trouble raising an 11-year-old, especially by setting boundaries between her and mike.
    • 12. Hopper asked Joyce out on a date, but Joyce forgot about it, so she went to see Mr. Clark, her high school science teacher, and asked him to stand up and talk about magnets. Mr Clark told Mr Joyce that demagnetization would be caused by a huge source of energy.
    • 13. After being threatened by hopper, mike lies to al and cancels his plans with her. Max gave her a makeover and made her feel better.
    • 14. Michael dump in stranger things season 3.
    • 15. In a rogue investigation, Nancy and Jonathan interviewed Mrs. Driscoll, a widow who accidentally caught a rat possessed by a spirit skinner. When the couple returned for follow-up interviews, they found Mrs. Driscoll eating fertilizer and acting manically. She was later hospitalized.
    • 16. Bllly kidnaps Heather, another lifeguard, who is also possessed by the spirit flayer. Together, they did the same for heather's parents, one of whom was Jonathan and Nancy's boss at the newspaper.
    • 17. When dustin tries to communicate with SUSIE, he intercepts a message from Russia. He, Steve and (mostly) robin translated and decoded the message, learning that the russians were using the shopping center as a cover for receiving secret goods.
    • 18. The three of them ask Erica Sinclair, Lucas's sister, to climb into the vent and let them into the room where the cargo is being held.
    • 19. The four of them enter the room, which turns out to be an elevator that pushes them 500 feet underground to a secret Russian base. Now trapped, they discovered that the cargo was a mysterious liquid substance.
    • 20. All USES her power to spy on Billy and suspects him of involvement with the spiritual skinner. She and the other children tested her theory and trapped Billy in the pool in the sauna because they knew that spiritual skinning people didn't respond well to heat. They learn that Billy was indeed possessed by a spiritual skinner who tried to kill 11 people.
    • 21. Joyce and hopper returned to the Hawkins lab, hoping to find the source of energy that would cause the magnet to stop working. Hopper is beaten by a mysterious man, and they later contact the town's mayor. Hopper beat and kidnapped the mayor, who admitted that Starcourt and several other town properties belonged to the Russian front.
    • 22. Joyce and hopper go to one of the properties where they meet Russian scientist alexei. They are discovered by the mysterious man, it is a Russian mercenary nearly killed them. But they fled, taking alexei with them.
    • 23. Alexey doesn't speak English, so they went to the Murray's -- the paranoid reporter from season 2 -- hoping he could translate their exchange. Joyce and hopper learn that the russians have infiltrated Hawkins and are trying to reopen the upside-down doors.
    • 24. Steve, robin, dustin and erica - aka the shovel team - managed to escape the lift but were later found. Erica and dustin leave to find a way to save robin and Steve, who are interrogated, beaten and drugged with the truth serum by the russians.
    • 25. Dustin and erica return to rescue robin and Steve, and the four escape into starkett's movie theater. Robin and Steve left, after the illness, robin as a gay identity in front of everyone, two hearts and hearts of infection.
    Stranger Things transforms itself into a riveting -- if familiar -- summer ride that basks in its neon-laden nostalgia without losing sight of the rich relationships that make the series so endearing.

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